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Yuliol Sep 14 2011
If Yap allows ETG to go forward with their propositions, it’ll just be a matter of time before Yap becomes like Guam or Hawaii—losing control of indigenous lands and the eventual loss of much of our traditional culture/customs. The social and cultural impacts could be devastating and this does not seem worth the few extra bucks that the venture would bring. By allowing foreigners to come and build on local lands, control over these lands by the indigenous people will be lost. To me, this potential consequence is not worth it. Our land is our identity and our means of cultural and physical survival—we should not place a dollar sign on something so valuable.

Mor Watit Sep 15 2011
“do you want to preserve the weedy, mosquito infested undeveloped land for your children to inherit, or do you want them to inherit roads, electricity, run-ning water, colleges and ships,. etc.? Because how successful and happy they would be someday depends on your sacrifices and courageous decisions today.”
We definitely want to improve things in Yap. That goes without saying. But the question is: what are we willing to give up to get these development in place? That is where the argument is. Is ETG the only option available? Aren’t there less risky options available to Yap? ETG wants to buy up complete parts of the island and relocate everyone from that area? Is this what we really want? Surely there has got to be a better option than that.

Mor Watit Sep 18 2011
Watit heard through the coconut wireless that there are some leaders from Yap going to China… as to the purpose, he can’t be sure but guess it has something to do with this ETG proposal. People need to be aware…

peace2u Sep 18 2011
Who are these leaders? It is about time that we know who are really behind his ETG thing, other than the governor. I heard that most members of the legislature are afraid of this venture as most do not know what the Chinese actually intend to do once they are given the green light to come in. It will be interesting to see who at the legislature will be the two members of the governor’s task force.

Mor Watit Sep 20 2011
Watit still has misgivings about this whole affair. In watit’s opinion, this is very short-sighted and bound to produce more negative outcome than the little gain we will receive. First of all, we all know what’s happening in the Marshalls, the descendents of Maap and Nimgil may have jobs in the future, but will they be speaking Yapese or Chinese? That is watit’s fear. Why is watit so concerned about language, watit will explain with an example; the young people of Yap nowadays knows how to say the word “siroo,” but do not bow down when they are walking in front of people. The young people, when asking for betelnuts from an older person would say, “mu pii rebe langad ngog,” rather than “mu na’ag rebe langad ngog.” Those are the essence of our culture being washed away with the lose of our language.

Dwarf Oct 1 2011
I think Yap is in the exploratory phase in-state, meaning that there had been consensus on moving up to taking inventory of available land parcels. Since government own small percentage of land in Yap, the COP is now involving communities and landowners in the process. Communities and landowners are encouraged to designate available parcels for potential development. I heard there is a consultant representing the ETG working with private individuals in finding available land parcels for development aside from Government to ETG discussions. I think ETG is dangling the carrots in front of landowners and Government alike which is a powerful magnet for any sane and insane player. Yap should prepare a master plan for development that meets it development goals and present to ETG at the appropriate time and await counter proposal from ETG. The premature development proposal by ETG was just that—Yap through bewilderment kept insisting on a proposed development plan from ETG. ETG hurriedly drew up a development proposal that shocked those involved because it reeked displacements and world-class modernization, to say the least. The problem here was the lack of input from Yap—I think leadership is unprepared and reacting instead of being proactive and leading the development process. ETG need to hear Yap’s development requirements so it can incorporate into its master plan, also it can make decision whether to invest or not.

Mor Watit Oct 1 2011
Lets one thing straight. ETG is only interested in making money. How they do it, what kind of damage they do in the process, how the people will live after-wards, and such considerations is of no importance to ETG. Yap already has developmental plans, and if ETG is not willing to work within the confines of those plans, they should be shown the door. If we have to make concessions to every investors who comes along, our own plan will eventually be a “plan that never was.” Watit agrees with Dwarf that Yap should develop a Master Plan. Yes, there are many plans, but the problem at this point is that no one has bothered to put together the different little plans to make a Master Plan. For example, if we take the environmental conservation plan and incorporate it into the economic developmental plan, we may find some points of conflicts between the two. That is where a Master Overall Plan is needed.

Dwarf Oct 3 2011
During reception to welcome in the owner of ETG, as introduced with his entourage, the gentleman basically told Gov and all present that he’s got the money to develop Yap to be a tourist destination from/via his province in China. He want-ed direct flight from the province (4hr) to the FSM, Yap and possibly Pohnpei then on to American Samoa and return to province from that there.
During another leadership meeting, the ETG presented the hurriedly prepared development proposal that encompass both Gilman and Kanifay which looked alarming to those present because the whole southern tip seemed over-developed, no room for villagers.
During a public meeting called by Executive Branch, consensus was reached for COP to take inventory of available land for development in the communities.
The Fanif municipality had already designated site for development as revealed by Chief Yatman.
There was unconfirmed information that Amin village in Map already designated a site for development.
Gagil municipality was rumored to have designated development site.
Unconfirmed info revealed that Kanifay municipality was an interest to the ETG.

Dalipebinaw residents are holding municipal meetings to designate potential development sites.
Development entails enlarging airport, primary roads and build another hospital to be staffed by Chinese doctors until adequate FSM citizens are trained to staff it.
Convention center and a golf course was mentioned by ETG but the tidal wave of developments was becoming overwhelming to those in the know.
ETG interests in Yap as stated by ETG, besides showcasing their Chinese economic muscle, was the beautiful living culture of Yap so the initial proposed development plan didn’t do justice to the stated interest.
I believe now the development scenario is in Governor’s hands—during the public meeting he requested that a task force be appointed from the branches of government to look seriously into development offer by ETG.
I believe that details of development by the State is forthcoming then ETG can prepare counter proposal. All development mentioned above are not definite but ETG emphasized it had the money to develop Yap. How much development is desirable for Yap and whether ETG can see profit in its investment within 99 years are the questions to be entertained for the parties.

Mor Watit Oct 3 2011
are you certain that Chief Yatman from Fanif has already designated available lands? watit was not aware of that, as his village representative to the Fanif Council was supposed to deliver the village’s collective wish we don’t want to have anything to do with ETG. ah, it might from another village in Fanif, what a shame.

Dwarf Oct 3 2011
Mor, he mentioned site that includes the present day school site and adjacent hill, I admit that a gesture of the hand to designate boundary site is always arbitrary and non-committal. I believe the consultant with local assistance is spear heading this kind of conversation, not government to ETG consultation; how-ever, as we all know the end result is that ETG two-pronged approach will con-verge down wind with end results most likely to be pro ETG investment. I believe the consultant is having informal meetings with locals basically to seek available lands—this is COP territory, could be why no one’s hearing much at this time.

Mor Watit Oct 6 2011
Watit was listening to the Yap State Legislature session this morning, and some of the questions raised by the senators are exactly the same raised in this thread. From what Watit was able to gather, its seems somebody titled the group with the wrong name! This is not an ETG task force! This is a Developmental Task Force! Yap wants to put together a developmental plan which will be presented to ETG AND anyone else who might want to invest. Now that makes a lot of sense!

Dwarf Oct 6 2011
The development task force was requested by Governor to answer the ETG development interests for Yap, at the same time, draw up development goals and scope for the State so there is a cohesive, practical, a Master Plan, in place. ETG may present a counter-proposal—and negotiations can go on from there. The ETG will then decide whether to invest or not.

Mor Watit Oct 6 2011
Yeah! Somebody goofed when they name it the ETG task force, because it misled people into thinking the decision has already been made to give the green light to ETG. Watit got that article which started off this thread from the yap site, cut and paste it. So the misnaming is not Watit’s.

Mor Watit Oct 8 2011
Watit was listening again to the replay of YSL session on the radio and he understood some of the senators were concerned about the magnitude of the proposal by ETG. “We need development, but we need sustainable development and within our capacity,” said one of the senators. Yap is small, you can take all of the people in Yap and house them in an apartment complex in China, but take a small portion of the Chinese population and put them on Yap, the whole island might sink into the Yap Trench.

Mor Watit Oct 11 2011
Watit is thinking Yap state will pay for the experts coming as this is going to be Yap’s developmental plan. It is usually the practice of the Legislature to call for a public hearing to listen to the public’s view before they enact any legislation or change any public law, Watit is confident the public will be given a chance to speak their mind on the developmental plan. As for ETG, Watit is also of the opinion that much of what they are proposing will not fly as it is beyond Yap’s capacity at this point in time. If ETG is willing to downscale their developmental aspirations, we may have a deal, if not, then it will be sayonara....