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Yangfelfel, April 16, 2012
The Petition signed by 1500 people reads as follows:

Siroo ma gamad e girdii ni kug sign gad ko re babiyor nee, e gamad be siroo nag ko am nge pilung ni nga gu nonad:
Kanog ma kug rung a ged ni baa e puruy ko Chinese Exhibition and Travel Group [ETG] ni nge ngonglii boch e business u daken u Waab, ma gamad manang nib tuuf e business ko nam u Waab.
Siroo, gamad baadag ni dab kaa start e ETG ko business u Waab. Gamad baadag ni nge yog e am ko girdii nu Waab ko mang e be yog e ETG ni nge rin u Waab. Ba gaa fan ni nge nang e girdii u Waab ko mang e be buch, me yog e girdii nu Waab lanyan rad, ko nge yib e ETG nga Waab fa dangaa, ma faan ra ngar bad, ma mang e ngar rinaed u Waab.
Ere gamad be siroo nge wenig ko am ni ngan talag e puruy ko ETG nge taw ko ngiyal ni ke nang girdii nu Waab ko mang e be yog e ETG ni nge rin me yog e girdii nu Waab ko mang e yibadaag ni ngan pag e EYG ni ngar rinaed u Waab.

English Translation
We the undersigned:
As residents of the State of Yap, are aware of the many economic problems facing the State and the Country; and
Are also aware that there is potential economic development and investments being proposed by the Chinese Exhibition and Travel Group [ETG] for the State of Yap; and
Are concern as to the full impact of such proposals on our people, traditions, culture, land, ocean and identity; and
Are concerned and committed to the welfare of our people, communities and islands and we recognize the importance of all our people being fully informed and provided an opportunity to participate and submit their views in any and all discussions on the investment issue;

Therefore, we the undersigned:
Are hereby requesting the Government and the Leadership of the State of Yap, to fully inform, educate and disseminate to all the general populace relevant information regarding the components, impact, and status of the proposed ETG investment in various mediums and forums;
That such mediums and forums be conducted thoroughly both in town and in all outlying villages and islands in a regular and frequent manner;
And that no further agreement and promises, both written and oral, be made by the Government and the Leadership of Yap, on said proposal by ETG until such time that the people of Yap have duly expressed their free will on the said proposal in a plebiscite to be funded by the Government of Yap.

istari, April 16, 2012
nicely done hope that works

ssearcher1, April 16, 2012
I think the petition put in by 1500 citizens of Yap is the way forward with respect to the ETG and Government Yap investment scheme. However, this move should have been the phase after ETC and Government met the first time. This is a significant move that other FSM states to consider to prevent from committing anything on behalf of their people unless they ppl are well informed and deliver their rights so such approach. Thank you whoever initiated this movement because your ppl do have the rights to know what and where their government is leading them toward.

Kamagar and Kalahngan.

Yangfelfel, April 16, 2012
Yap Paradise Islands Project
ETG's Investment Plan (2012-2015)
Travel service facilities: Hotels and resorts (max 4,000 rooms); Exhibition and Convention Centers; Entertainment Center; Ocean Park; Golf courses; Marinas and yacht clubs; Duty-free shopping area; Food and beverages area; Museum.
This is a reiteration of the items listed in Yap State Counter-Proposal #1¯ (CP#), and (if written by ETG) indicates that ETG has made a counter-counter-proposal to Yap State (that is, to a select few individuals around the governor). There are several questions to be raised about this list: What exactly is an Entertainment Center (sounds like a euphemism for casino to me)? And what exactly is an Ocean Park? What kind of museum does the ETG want to build on Yap? Notice that casinos are not mentioned in the list.
Infrastructure: Airport terminal; Roads; Sewage and waste treatment; Water supply (rainwater collection and reservoirs); Power supply system (energy center).
Another repeat from CP#1, with the added items of reservoirs (is that the rumored dam proposal, requiring more relocations?) and energy center. What exactly is an energy center, and why not calling it a power station? Also, the needed major extension of the airport is downplayed, for some reason, only mentioning Airport terminal, nothing about the fact that it will have to be similar in size to that of Guam (in order to accommodate the comings and goings of some daily 4,000+ tourists (at 75% occupancy, 1.6 tourists per room), and saying nothing about the substantial extension of the YAP runway (and all associated emergency facilities, baggage handling, immigration staffing, etc etc) that will be needed.
Public service facilities: Hospital; Sports center; School; Entertainment facility; Public transportation.

Yangfelfel, April 16, 2012
Why Does ETG Care About Yap Culture and Environment?
Tourism business is a long-term investment!
This is probably true, but look at Saipan. How long term was that? Also, as ETG's business is to build, then lease (or sell?) the hotels to some famous international brands, how is that long term for ETG?
Clean environment and healthy ecosystems are the most important selling points of Yap travel.
Someone must've planted a joke here. Chinese tourists, primarily interested in clean environment and healthy ecosystem? Like, upscale wealthy Chinese eco-tourists? This is the first I see about ETG building for eco-tourists!
Environmental destruction = SUICIDE of the investment!
See previous comment. Upscale wealthy tourists, gamblers, golfers, and cruise line consumers usually have little to no interest in whether the environment is destroyed or not. Sand transported from elsewhere to create a nice-looking (but fake) beach somewhere, does not show the fact that it killed reefs in two places. Golf courses look nice on the surface, but underneath they contribute to environmental destruction via toxic runoff (which ”make no mistake" will reach, first the water table, and eventually, the reefs).
The local culture is the unique Yap identity. ETG can't afford to lose the local culture after investment.
Says who? Author, please! To believe that ETG has any interest whatsoever in Yapese culture, other than commercial exploitation, is laughable. Lhasa, in Tibet, has (had?) a unique culture (see (Lhasa Hotel Boom: The Back Story). Here's a quote from the article: Chinese tourism enterprises, with patronage at the highest political level, converted natural and social capital into monetary capital, making huge profits. These profits were captured by enterprises enclosing, surrounding and now suffocating the nature reserve, driving away any remaining pandas, and now driving out the Tibetans too, all in the name of conservation. The key to this story is Deng Hong, who first made his fortune in remote Jiuzhaigou, in partnership with InterContinental hotel chain; and in 2011 is now using his wealth and inner connections with the Communist Party, he is now a member of the National People's Congress to build the biggest hotel Lhasa has ever seen, the Lhasa InterContinental, to open end of 2012. Before it is too late, Yap: Wake up!

Yangfelfel, April 16, 2012
ETG is in the same boat as Yap regarding environmental protection and local culture conservation.
You, whoever write this: tell that to the Nimpal Channel Marine Conservation group! You are either incredibly ignorant (if Yapese) or a liar (if not).
ETG's operational partners will all be famous international brands with high environmental standards.
FIB? Again, one has to suspect abysmal ignorance of the facts, here.
Someone has swallowed the ETG bait, hook, line, and sinkers. Where to begin? You, who wrote this disinformation crap, need to read this document (where you may discover the true colors behind these famous brands):, but you would probably dismiss it as hotel-hating propaganda.
ETG and Yapese will form a happy and sustainable win/win partnership.
Happy? Someone has been puffin on some of Gilman's Gold. If this ETG paradise project is allowed to go on, a lot more will go up in smoke.
Environmental Protection Actions
ETG will:
Engage internationally famous design and planning firms to design this project with a Green Concept, in harmony with the local environment.
The very idea that internationally famous design and planning firms would know diddley-squat about the unique Yap conditions is, again, laughable. The fact is that, on an island as small and ecologically sensitive as Yap, it is simply not possible to build fake beaches and golf courses, and host several thou-sand daily tourists in harmony with the local environment. Can't be done.
Engage leading consulting firms to conduct a feasibility study, and to do an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); Understand the capacity of the environment, and then refine the investment plan.
If Yap State Government allows ETG to conduct a (much needed!) feasibility study, they will have virtually admitted that they do not know what they are doing, what they are letting the Yapese people into: This would be equivalent to the proverbial fox guarding the chicken coop! The assessment and feasibility studies, to carry any credibility at all, must be conducted by agencies with ties to neither ETG nor China. Think about it!
Use various advanced Green technologies to avoid negative environmental impact from the Yap Paradise Project.
various advanced Green technologies to avoid negative environmental impact Zero-information techno babble Various advanced techniques what does this mean? As previously stated: For an island the size of ~100 km2, with a population of ~9,000 people, to believe that it is possible to avoid negative environmental impact when building ten huge hotels, with fake sand beaches, adorn the landscape with golf courses, and dump ~ 4,000 wealthy tourists into that very environment ”every day” is to believe in the tooth-fairy! The noise pollution alone (from 10-15 landings/takeoffs per day, and from four thousand foreigners trampling every which where) may have a seriously negative environmental impact! It is just plain crazy! Author of this flyer: How can you write this nonsense, and feel no shame? I hope you're well paid!
Promote strong environmental awareness to tourists and new residents, before they land in Yap.
One can promote environmental awareness until one's face turns blue: foreign wealthy and famous gamblers and shoppers won't give a hoot! However, and much more important: There is a very ominous phrase lurking here, look at it again, up close: new residents! What new residents? Is there a hidden plan here? What Is Going On?

Taxi-Womw, April 17, 2012
I feel sorry for our Waabese brothers and sisters, having suddenly burdened with a monumental decision between the preservation of their/our island cultural heritage and environment which has been the source of our island pride and identity on the one hand versus the lure for a quantum leap in economic development and modernization!!!

If one will back up a little and try to view things in a more proper perspective! Historically, as Marco Polo discovered, the Chinese are shrewd business dealers who rarely give out handouts if not for a bigger return. So what is this proposed Chinese ETG in culturally pristine Yap?? ARe the Chinese known worldwide to be concerned about the environmental impacts of their global economic imperialisms, like copper mining in Africa or investments in South America? According to Hong Kong's own "The Economist" Magazine, ("The New Imperialists", 2011), not exactly!!

So, what is probable is that the Chinese investors pushing for approval of this ETG in Yap are possibly fronting a strategic move by the People's Republic to make a significant presence in this part of the Western Pacific (the Yap Islands). Yap has always been geographically considered a central communication point between the Pacific Island and the Asian Mainland. The US once based its Coast Guard base there for monitoring maritime activities in that part of the Pacific and Asian regions. In World War II, the CINPAC US Pacific Fleet used the Ulithy Atoll as a forward base for screening General McArthur's "I Shall Return" invasion of the Philippines. Now that US President Obama has moved a division of US Marines to Australia, and there is going to be military buildup in Guam and Tinian, the logical step for the strategists in Beijing is to make the Micronesian islanders as economically and culturally dependent on China as fast as possible so that there is reservation among the islanders against a total US militarization of the region. And since Palau has openly distanced itself from Beijing by hosting those Huigurs prisoners and is economically tied to Taiwan, Beijing has to look somewhere nearby like Yap where it can make its economic/cultural stand!!!

There is reason to believe that, based on any economic projections, a casino in Yap will not even survive for the rest of the thirteen Amended Compact Years. Even the gambling population on Saipan could not support the Saipan casinos. One has to look at the casino traffic volume between Hong Kong and Macau or Las Vegas to have a feel of how a casino requires daily influxes of hundreds of players just to break even daily. With no known gambling population in Yap nor Guam, no prudent business person would want to waste time and money building casinos in Yap unless there are bigger stakes involved like building a strategic partnership between Colonia and Beijing.

So, yes on one level of the debate, there is the question whether an "Entertainment Center" in a Chinese funded economic development park in Yap Island would include a massage parlor, or a casino, or a karaoke joint where the Yap men could unwind after a stressful week. On another level of the debate, is the question whether this will be the answer to Yap's economic and strategic destiny.

Those are very interesting and challenging thoughts that require a lot of chews and budweiser.

microculture, April 18, 2012
I think Budweiser has outlasted its effectiveness, several brain cells past. Let's grind our molars instead, and consider that what we choose will affect our grandchildren and Micronesia as a whole.

Mor Watit, April 18, 2012
This is probably the most difficult test that Yap has had to face in recent years. Watit is very confident that wisdom from the basket will see Yap navigate through the pitfalls.

Yangfelfel, April 18, 2012
To all Concern:

This morning the Legislature adopted a Resolution requesting the Exhibition Travel Group (ETG) to refrain from engaging in any further action in the State of Yap in connection with its plans to invest in the State until the Legislature has authorized that ETG may engage in further action in the State in connection with their investment plans to insure that such plans will be in the best interest and welfare of the State of Yap.

The first Whereas clause said," the people and residents of the State of Yap have petitioned the whole leadership of the State of Yap requesting that "no further agreements and promises, both written and oral, be made by the Government and he Leadership of Yap have duly expressed their free will on the said proposal..."

The Resolved Clause said, " BE IT RESOLVED, by the Eighth Legislature of the State of Yap, Second Regular Session, 2012, that ETG is hereby respectfully requested to refrain from engaging in any further action in the State of Yap in connection with its plans to invest in the State until the Legislature has authorized that ETG may engage in further action in the State in connection with their investment plans to insure that such plans will be in the best interest and welfare of the people of the State of Yap."

Certified copies of the Resolution will be transmitted to ETG; President of the FSM; Secretary of Foreign Affairs; FSM Ambassador to the United States; FSM Ambassador to China (PRC); China Ambassador to the FSM; US Ambassador to the FSM; US Secretary of State; US Secretary of the Interior; Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Chief Justice and associate justices of the State of Yap; CFSM Yap Delegation Office; Governor's Cabinet members; President, Yap Women's Association; President, Neighboring Islands Women's Association; Chairman and members, Council of Pilung and the Chairman and members of the Council of Tamol.

This is what took place this morning on this ETG, which is sending a high delegation here including the Chairman Deng Hong and others and they are coming on their own plane and the plan is for them to come to Pohnpei one day either April 23 or 24 and then return to Yap and I am told that while Pohnpei they plan to meet with FSM Officials, the Chinese Ambassador and the US Ambassador.

mickjagger, May 11, 2012
I have never been to Yap but just based in history and a little research, good luck with that. You just sold your state to the Chinese. Once in, never out. Lots of money for few, little or none for most. Check their history in Africa. Oil and mining, corruption and so on. No different here. Time will tell and history of their actions and their techniques is written all over the place. The only ones who don't see, are the ones who don't or are the ones they make believe so. Good luck! (no, luck won't help you in this case). From the most cultural island in Micronesia to the most sold out.

stonez, May 11, 2012
what!!!...yap has been sold to china...when did this happen?

Yangfelfel, May 16, 2012
The ETG Representatives are even on the radio being questioned by V6AI or 81 KUTE and where question ask about what ETG plans to do and in the number of resorts to build and they said that they cannot really say because their plan will depend on know how much land is available for them to us. I am sure they have an idea but to say that they cannot tell what they plan to do until they know about land available for them to use is kind of fishy. They talk about the importance of Casino in terms of revenue but they speak much too generally about things that we need specifics after all it is not a secret that what the plan to do is to develop Yap into a world class tourism destination and that necessarily mean to build resorts (4,000 rooms) and other accompanying projects like golf courses, man-made beaches and waterworks and this means 4,000 workers as 1 worker per room and together with the daily arrivals we maybe looking at 1,000 incoming visitors per day and for that ETG is proposing to extend the runway to accommodate wide body planes, which would bring up to 700 visitors per plane and if in one day there are two inbound flights then we are looking at at least 1,400 incoming visitors per day. The question that should have been asked is where will all of these visitors come from--China? North America? Europe? Asia?

I think all should go to the Public Forum on Monday starting at 2pm for two hours where the Governor and members of his Cabinet will be there to answer questions from the public. We hope that the Public Forum is not only for the ETG, Governor and Cabinet to entertain questions from the Public but I think that Forum should start with statement that speaks to what the ETG Project is about; what do they plan to do in Yap? Why there was no effort to get a 3rd Party Review and assessment of the Project? People should come to this Public Forum prepared to raise concerns and ask questions. Two hours is not sufficient and so we should ask for more sessions of the public forum on the ETG until the people are made aware of the component and impact of the project on their lives and on the island, its people and others. I AM TOLD THAT THE PUBLIC FORUM IS LIVE. on Monday May 21, 2012. Again COME ONE COME ALL! This is the future of Yap, our only home. We have other place to home then this and that is why our intense degree of care.