News Brief, March 14, 2011

At 9:00 am today, March 14, 2011, the representatives of the Exhibition and Travel Group (ETG) from the Peopleís Republic of China along with a representative of the FSM Embassy in Beijing met with the Governor at the Cabinet Room and discussed details of a tourism development project which the private company is hoping to bring into Yap within the next few years if things are worked out well between ETG and the State Government including other organizations, groups and entities.

Members of the visiting group include Mr. Haihao Sun, who is ETG International Marketing Representative and Head of Delegation, Mr. Gang Yang, Advisor and Mr. Vince Sivas, First Secretary of the FSM Embassy in Beijing, Peopleís Republic of China.

The ETG group is based in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province and has been in existence for over ten years specializing in hotels, exhibition and convention centers, property management, real estate development and tourism.

The purpose of the groupís visit to Yap is to explore possible investment opportunities in tourism sector. The company plans to build a convention center in Yap State, which will bring people from the Asia and the Pacific area to hold regional meetings in Yap.

Governor Anefal has informed the ETG group at the meeting this morning that the State has three top priority areas for development. These areas are in Fisheries, Agriculture and Tourism. He also told them that he has constantly been in contact with the FSM Diplomatic Office in Beijing requesting its assistance in promoting Yapís tourism industry in China so potential investors can bring investment and other benefits to the people on these islands. He said he is now happy that this private company has expressed interest to invest in Yap State.

Governor Sebastian Anefal also joined the ETG group when it discussed the same investment issue with representatives of appropriate departments and agencies of the government including the private sector.

The Exhibition and Travel Group will continue to meet throughout the week with individual groups and organization to find out if Yap should be an ideal location for its investment project, which is believed to bring an increase to the number of visitors into Yap Island.

The ETG group will be flying out to Ulithi on Friday to explore the islands and meet with the Chiefs and the people before returning back to Yap on the same day.