News Brief, June 06, 2011

Representatives of an Exhibition and Travel Group (ETG) from the People's Republic of China along with a representative of the FSM Embassy in Beijing have paid courtesy call on Governor Anefal at the Cabinet Room today, June 6, 2001.

Members of the visiting group which arrived in Yap on Sunday, include Mr. Haihao Sun, ETG International Marketing Representative and Head of Delegation, Mr. Gang Yang, ETG Advisor and Mr. Carl Apis who is the Deputy Chief of Mission at the FSM Embassy in Beijing, People's Republic of China.

This is the second time that the ETG representatives have visited the State of Yap. The first time that they visited Yap Island was during their visit in March in which their trip was extended to Ulithi.

The purpose of their trip to Yap this time is to make preparation and all necessary arrangements with the government and the people of Yap before a visiting delegation from the People's Republic of China arrive on island sometime during the week.

The travel group company is based in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province. It has been in existence for just over ten years and is specialized in hotels, exhibition and convention centers, property management, real estate development and tourism.