News Brief, June 13, 2011

Representatives from the Exhibition & Travel Group (ETG) from Chengdu, China arrived in Yap on Friday evening, June 10, 2011 on their chartered flight. They toured the island before heading to Colonia for their reception at the Yap Community Center and later at the Yap Marina Sports Bar & Grill.

At the Community Center, the ETG representatives were presented with a dance performance from Nimar Village. After the bamboo dance performance, the ETG and Yap State dignitaries headed to Marina for the dinner reception.

The representatives from ETG left Yap yesterday morning after spending the weekend.

News Brief, June 16, 2011

The charter plane bearing the ETG (Exhibition & Travel Group) representatives arrived today at 1:00 PM after returning from a trip to Samoa. The plane stopped by Yap for refueling at the airport before heading back to China.

After the representatives from the ETG left Yap last Sunday, they visited Pohnpei where they met with the FSM President and key National officials. A party from the FSM National Government, which included the President, left with the ETG to visit the South Pacific nation of Samoa. After meeting with the Samoan leadership, the plane returned to China via the FSM.

Yap State Government officials were present at the airport when the plane arrived for refueling today. After nearly a couple of hours of refreshing and refueling, the ETG embarked the charter plane for their trip back to headquarters.

The Exhibition & Travel Group is expected to return to Yap after a month.