News Brief, January 11, 2012

ETG Pays Visit to Yap
A team from the Chinese Exhibition and Travel Group in Chendu, Peoples Republic of China has arrived on a visit to the State of Yap yesterday January 10, 2012.

The team is led by Mr. Deng Hong, Chairman of the Chinese Exhibition and Travel Group in Chendu (ETG), Peopleís Republic of China.

The group arrived at Yap International Airport at around 6:00 pm yesterday and went thru Immigration and Custom proper procedures before they proceeded to the Pacific Diverís Club Hotel in Colonia where they will stay during their visit.

While in Yap the ETG is scheduled to make tour of the island and meet with traditional leaders as well as the local chiefs to find out the status of its proposed investment project in the State.

The group is expected to return to mainland China on its private plane during the weekend.