Yap State News Brief: April 20, 2012

COP Sends Memo to ETG Chairman
In a memo to Chairman Deng Hong of the Chinese ETG Committee, Chairman Bruno Tharngan of the Council of Pilung stated as follows:

We are most happy to learn from the Governor that you and your delegations, both ETG and ExIm Bank, will be coming to Yap soon. We look forward to seeing you again for another opportunity to renew our acquaintance and, more significantly, to reaffirm our faith and understanding in the pursuit of a mutually beneficial long-term ETG investment in Yap State.

You are probably aware of recent rumblings and grumblings relating to our ongoing discussions on the ETG proposal. These are not to be constructed in any way as an indication of wavering or weakening of resolve on our part. Our position had not changed. We are still committed to our MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) now as we were when we signed it.

Looking forward with pleasure to seeing you soon,

With warmest and best regards,

Chairman Bruno Tharngan (signed)