Yap State News Brief: April 25, 2012

State Leadership Welcomes President of EXIM Bank
The Yap State Leadership and the FSM National Government jointly hosted a welcoming dinner reception at the Yap Pacific Dive Resort Restaurant upon arrival of a Delegation from the Export-Import Bank of China in Yap yesterday April 24, 2012.

The group from the People’s Republic of China consists the Head of Delegation, Mr. Li Ruogu, President/Chairman of the Export-Import Bank of China, Mr. Wu Shaohau, General Manager of Corporate Business Department of the Export-Import Bank, Mr. Fei Zhaohui, General Manager of the International Business Department of the Export-Import Bank, Mr. Liu Weifeng, Vice Governor Chengdu Sub-Branch of the Export-Import Bank, Mr. Zhang Jianchu, Chairman China Road and Bridge Corporation, Mr. Li Chaoyang, Vice President China Machinery Engineering Corporation, Mr. Shi Yingtao, Vice General Manager China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd, and two staff, Mr. Liu Qiang, Executive Officer of the Export-Import Bank and Mr. Yao Zhanhong, International Department of the Export – Import Bank.

Attending the reception on behalf of the State Government were Governor Sebastian Anefal, Speaker Henry Falan, Vice Speaker Ted Rutun, Chairman Bruno Tharngan of the Council of Pilung and Vice Chairman and Treasurer Thomas Falngin of the Council of Pilung and other state government officials.

On the national side were the representatives of the President Mr. Marion Henry, Secretary of the Department of Resources & Development and Mr. Akillino Susaia, FSM Ambassador in Beijing who arrived with the ETG from Chengdu.

Both Governor Anefal and Chairman Li Ruogu made short statements during the welcoming reception last night.

Governor Anefal in his opening remark welcomed both the Export – Import Bank and ETG groups to Yap. “I believe this is history in the making most especially for the Chairman of Export/Import Bank of the People’s Republic of China to have come to the State of Yap, FSM”, said Anefal. “On behalf of the government of the State of Yap, I continue encourage and welcome you to the State of Yap for further acquaintance, negotiation on the “business” deal of ETG. Our door has never been closed to any Foreign Investor and we welcome all foreign friends to the State of Yap”, Anefal said.

In his statement, Chairman Li Ruogu thanked the governor and the people of Yap for the warm welcoming since at the arrival at the Yap International Airport yesterday late in the afternoon. “This is not my first time to have dealt with people of the nation of Micronesia. I have, in my capacity, met and worked with other fellow Micronesians earlier in my career where our Bank provided funds to a certain project of the FSM”, said Mr. Ruogu. “Chairman Deng of the ETG and his proposal in the FSM made it more important for us to consider the project of ETG thus our visit this time to meet and get to know more about the people of the nation especially in Yap State. “We” as people of both of our countries are not only friends through our political ties. Someone long time ago told me that Micronesians came from China”, jokingly stated by Chairman Ruogu. In his final statement Mr. Ruogu thanked the Chairman of Council of Pilung for their show of support towards the private entity of ETG in China and look forward to more collaborative efforts between the two parties.

The delegation from the Export – Import Bank will be departing from Yap this evening to attend other important meetings in Indonesia and other places.

The delegation from Chengdu is scheduled to depart for Pohnpei on Thursday where they will meet with President Emmanuel Mori and continue from where they left their discussions during their first visit to Pohnpei before the Signing of a MOU between FSM and China.

Ambassador Akillino Susaia and Secretary Marion Henry will be accompanying the ETG on their trip to Pohnpei. The ETG will return to Yap on their private plane late Thursday before they continue on to China.