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Locating between Guam   Palau, Island of Yap has been known its famous "stone money".
At the same time, among divers & snorkelers, it is also well known as "Island of Giant Manta rays".
Nature's Way is dedicated in offering services to who seeks for something meaningful & true experiences in different environment & culture.



Traditional sailing canoes in Micronesia uses single outrigger. The sail always receives wind on opposite side of outrigger. The tour uses a smaller canoe which is basically for inside the reef transportation, the maneuvering method is much the same as the one for large trans-ocean canoes.



Most of the shorelines of Yap are covered by thick mangrove forests. Touring through calm and shallow channels in mangroves by boat, overlooking traditional men's houses on shoreline, is something you cannot miss.



Traditional architecture of Yap does not use nails. Thick lumbers are tied together only with thin coconut fiber ropes. To build a new one, all men in the community are required to be involved in the work. In this way, the skills and techniques will be passed down to the younger generation.



There are several dance forms in traditional dances in Yap. The dance of this picture is one of such forms called gamel' which was originally from the eastern islands.



One of the biggest excitements is to dive in the channels with giant mantas hovering just above you. Diving in the outer reef may mesmerize you with the warm soothing water, clear visibility, and generally mild currents. You may want to identify strange creatures, big or small, take photographs, or just meditate in the underwater paradise!



Traditional dance practice starts in early age as long as the child is willing to learn. In this way the culture and its spirits will be passed down generations.



Water activities including scuba diving in Yap island are highly influenced by the tidal movement due to the island's geographical features. If you plan to come dive in Yap, it will be nicer to consider your schedule according to the moon phases. To assist your planning, we made the tide calendar with predictions.



Sitting dance is one of the most fundamental and traditional dance forms in Yap. Following the chant which tells stories, it is expressed by only with slow movement of eyes, necks, upper torso, hands and arms.



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Fruits of one of the species of garlic pears (Crateva speciosa), locally called as qabiich or qabyuch, are edible and high in vitamins. They are boiled for a long time, skinned and served with flaked coconut meat or coconut milk. Some people like to eat ripe ones raw.   See more photos Yap, yap, yap diving, diving in yap, dive yap, yap's mantas, manta ray diving, yap dive shops, dive, diving, Micronesia, micronesia diving, dive micronesia, mantas, manta rays, rays, turtles, fish, mandarin fish, coral reef, shark, sharks, walls, wall diving, culture, mangrove, mangrove cruise, land tour, cultural tours, dance, yap dance, traditional dance, local dance, eco tourism, eco tours, yap day, canoe
Early morning of Waneedaey Entrance sometimes gives big surprise. This time was a Hammerhead shark! Seen it far but was big.  See more photos traditional canoe, traditional navigation, stone money, rumung, anthropology, indigenous, nature's way, Nature's Way, budget hotels in yap, travel agency, Esa Bay View Hotel, Oceania Hotel, O'Keefe, O'Keefe's Waterfront, Yap pacific, FSM, yap hotels, Yap dive resorts, Yap dive hotels, Yap Islands, Pacific, Pacific diving, western pacific, snorkeling, fishing, scuba, scuba diving, Guam, Palau, dive palau
Dive site Vertigo is known to observe many sharks but at the same time good spot to search for nudibranchs. Photos are Chromodoris elisabethina, Phyllidia carlsonhoffi and Phyllidiopsis krempfi.  See more photos truk, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Kosrae, dive travel, handicraft, sportfishing, deep sea fishing, Diving Yap, Island, Yap Culture, Hotel, Diving, Snorkeling, Cultural Tour, Manta Ray, Sharks, Wall Diving, Yap divers, Hotel Yap, Resort Yap, United Airlines, Federated States of Micronesia, Underwater Photo, PADI, NAUI, Dive classes, Open water diver, Yap Kur, Makro, Taucher, Urlaub auf Yap, Resort Insel Yap, Hotel Insel Yap
Lump of large object crossed the edge of the eye at the dive site Vertigo. Three green sea turtles, mating! First came down on to the shallow reef then went off deep blue.  See more photos Haie, Hai tauchen, Fotokurs, Unterwasser Fotografie, Mikronesien, 雅浦島,雅浦岛, 潛水, 潜水, 蝠鱝, 蝠鲼, 野生鯊魚, 野生鲨鱼, 水中攝影, 水中摄影, 攝影密克羅尼西亞, 密克罗尼西亚, ヤップ, ヤップ島, ダイビング, ヤップのダイビング, ヤップのマンタ, マンタダイビング, ヤップのダイビングサービス, ミクロネシア, マングローブ, マングローブクルーズ, 島内観光
A huge tiger shark appeared to us at Yap Caverns, 75 feet depth. It was accompanied by many gray reef sharks.  See more photos カルチャーツアー, 伝統の踊り, ヤップの踊り, エコツアー, エコツーリズム, ヤップデイ, カヌー, ミクロネシアのカヌー, 伝統カヌー, 伝統航海術, 石貨, ヤップの石貨, ネイチャーズウエイ, ネイチャーズウェイ, スノーケリング, シュノーケリング, スクーバ, ユナイテッド航空

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