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Locating between Guam   Palau, Island of Yap has been known its famous "stone money".
At the same time, among divers & snorkelers, it is also well known as "Island of Giant Manta rays".
Nature's Way is dedicated in offering services to who seeks for something meaningful & true experiences in different environment & culture.


Hotels & Restaurant introduces hotels, lodges and restaurants in Yap.


Yap Island introduces Yap's geographic location, history, language, culture, etc. (The page is still on the way, please wait...)


Travel Infointroduces flight information, travel arrangement, local information, maps, etc. (The page is still on the way, please wait...)


We sincerely appologize many pages are not fully completed. In the meantime, please Contact US for any questions and inquiries.


Our New Location!

We've relocated our shop and dock to Yap Small Business Development Center due to the reconstruction of ESA Bay View Hotel's old building where we were before. The wonderful accesses to all the hotels and restaurants in Colonia, only in 5 to 15 minutes by walk.

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About Tide

Water activities including scuba diving in Yap island are highly influenced by the tidal movement due to the island's geographical features. If you plan to come dive in Yap, it will be nicer to consider your schedule according to the moon phases. To assist your planning, we made the tide calendar with predictions.

About Us:

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P. O. Box 238, Colonia
Yap, FM 96943-238
Federated States of Micronesia
Phone: 691(350)3407