Mnuw Manta Ray Restaurant


Shipboard restaurant at Manta Ray Bay Hotel opens from 6:30 am through 9 pm. There are indoor dining on the lower and main decks or you may choose an open-air table on main and upper decks.




One of the specialties of this restaurant is Yap's only homemade draft beer produced in the brewery inside the hotel! There are three kinds of tastes of your choice.


Some Popular Dishes


Blackened Sashimi

Fresh fish fillet surface is lightly roasted and seasoned with black pepper based spices and sauce. This is one of the original recipes of this restaurant.




Medium Sized Margarita Pizza Thick Crust with Extra Cheese & Onions

Pizza with beer! You can add in several toppings on your choice of basic pizza. There are 3 sizes and thin or thick crust for customers’ choice. Give around 30 minutes for your pizza to be done.



About Us:

Our staff, equipment, history and business credo, etc.



P. O. Box 238, Colonia
Yap, FM 96943-238
Federated States of Micronesia
Phone: 691(350)3407